Hi, and welcome to Terry Black’s website. I write about zombies, dinosaurs, hot dogs, my brother Shane, the Lost Continent of Atlantis, and complaining about everything, because complaining’s good for you.

Hot dogs, not so much.

Cyberbullying for Dummies

It starts with a call from Beth, my ex-wife. “I got a threatening email,” she says.  “They said they would trash my new book on Goodreads unless I paid them off.” She forwards it to me, and it’s not pleasant.  The email comes from Anonymousemail, a service that lets you send emails that can’t be traced. Apparently it’s the venue-du-jour … Continue reading Cyberbullying for Dummies

Rimgate Park

It’s been a rollercoaster week. Not just for me, but everyone. On Saturday, I was supposed to attend a Toastmasters Tall Tales Contest, spinning a yarn about alien invaders, how the whole world is endangered by a threat we never expected. The contest was canceled because of the Coronavirus. (And no, the irony wasn’t lost … Continue reading Rimgate Park

I’m Disturbed

Recently, Lisa and I saw It: Chapter Two, and she had trouble sleeping afterward. “I can never get to sleep after watching a horror movie,” she confesses, “because it seems so real.” I assure her that Pennywise the Clown is nowhere near our townhouse in Mission Viejo, but she insists (with childlike unease) that it … Continue reading I’m Disturbed

Before I Die

I’m tormented by a chalkboard. But not just any chalkboard, it’s the one at St. George’s Episcopal Church in Lake Forest – a venerable house of worship, with a vaulted ceiling and beautiful stained glass windows. Outside there’s a promenade, with a greeters table, a memorial garden, and – my personal fixation – a chalkboard. … Continue reading Before I Die

Doogie Howser Goes to the Dogs

I’ve become a surrogate granddad. And it’s led to new discoveries – like how to keep the kids quiet by distracting them with television.